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Scale your trust in and beyond your industry.

Your Oscar-winning video production. In collaboration with Michael Humblet and his Chaomatic Team.

Embark on a voyage of building your brand by turning your expertise into visionary leadership. The desire to create Oscar-winning video content, drive sales to new heights, and command attention on your digital platforms isn’t merely a quest for recognition—it’s a symphony of creative fulfillment, industry acclaim, and the power to connect, persuade and influence your audience.

What’s included?

The Preparty aka The Brainstorm

Delivered by Andy Nijs: I am poised to intricately blueprint your recording day, fervently centering on your business objectives—whether it be lead generation, credibility building, or authority establishment. I am unwaveringly committed to personally assisting you in the strategic planning of the specific content, the dynamic construction of scripts and tailored consultation on what best to wear on the production day.

Time: 1 hour online.

The Party aka the Production Day

Delivered by Andy Nijs & the Chaomatic Team: On the recording day, we have the day planned for you in the Chaomatic studio in Leuven. The team will focus on the set, while Andy will act as your personal assistant. He’ll support you with scripts, making you feel comfortable in front and behind the camera and ensuring you’ll perform at your best.

Time: 1,5 hours up to 2 hours to produce 5 video’s and high-quality pictures.

The Afterparty aka Deliverables

Delivered by the Chaomatic Team: All the materials we have recorded during the production day need to be colored, edited, and animated. They deliver all the content produced in a Google Drive. Typical formats they’ll deliver are: – expert videos – thumbnails for all the videos – intro/ outro logo animation – high-end pictures.

The cherry on the cake

Consider me more than just a service provider—I’m your strategic partner and personal assistant throughout this journey. Starting from brainstorming and meticulously crafting your campaign, I’ll extend my expertise to consult on scripts and wardrobe choices. On the day of video production, I’m not just behind the scenes; I’m there to ensure you feel at ease, creating an environment conducive to your best performance. Count on me to handle the details, so your focus remains solely on delivering an outstanding camera presence. My commitment is to make this process seamless and enjoyable, going beyond the conventional service to provide an exceptional experience.

Your Big Four Oscar-winning categories.

Unleashing your wisdom

Industry credibility

Influence on your audience

Revenue Growth

Imagine the exhilaration of unleashing your creative and entrepreneurial visions on the world. Creating Oscar-worthy content is about the joy of crafting narratives that captivate hearts, evoke emotions, and transcend the ordinary. It’s the thrill of turning your visions into visual masterpieces that stand as a testament to your extraordinary industry wisdom.

Industry recognition is the bridge between creativity and opportunity. Being the Visionary Leader isn’t just a personal achievement; it’s a stamp of excellence that resonates throughout your industry. Picture the doors swinging open to collaborations and partnerships eager to be associated with the brilliance your work embodies.

But the desire doesn’t end with unleashing your wisdom. It extends to the vast digital landscapes of social media, where every share, like, and comment transform your content into a cultural phenomenon that will be reshared by many. It’s the ability to connect with a global audience, shape opinions, and leave an indelible mark on the collective consciousness of your diverse and engaged community.

Imagine the financial impact when your content becomes a revenue-generating powerhouse. Oscar-winning videos and content aren’t just cinematic marvels; they’re strategic investments that propel your business to new heights, opening doors to unprecedented financial triumph.

Industry Legend: Michael Humblet

Michael Humblet is deeply passionate about sales machines. He not only designs and constructs them but also scales their impact. According to him, perfecting your Sales Story is the crucial first step. Through his content agency,, Michael and his team have empowered over 300 companies, including his own, to scale successfully. He generously imparts his wealth of knowledge through the Sales Acceleration Show on YouTube and in his enlightening books.

At the genesis of my entrepreneurial expedition, Michael emerged as a remarkable companion. His expertise, wit, and unwavering commitment to excellence immediately captivated my attention. Our collaborative journey has been a flavorful tapestry of shared endeavors. Whether enthralling audiences with compelling keynotes at my events or crafting an extraordinary hero movie, Michael’s multifaceted talents have left an indelible mark. The evolution from a role model to a trusted event production partner mirrors the depth of our connection. Fortunate to not only collaborate but to call him a friend, Michael has seamlessly woven himself into the vibrant fabric of my professional network.

Ready to build your video production?
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Five-monthly Payment
€ 1390,- excl. VATper month
  • Online session on your content strategy and scripts
  • Coaching on camera presence and wardrobe
  • Production of 5 premium videos
  • High-end pictures, short intro videos and thumbnails
  • Final online strategy session


Find your voice, build your brand, and scale your trust. We’ll create your video content powerhouse. 

Our ideal participants fall into one of these categories: Business Starters, Off- and Online Business owners , CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers.

We offer this collaboration 4 times a year. Every Quarter. For Q1 and Q2 the dates are:  The other dates will be released in due course. Let’s have a call and further discuss your needs.

I’ll act as your strategic partner and personal assistant. From brainstorming and crafting your campaign, and consulting on your scripts and wardrobe to making you feel at ease on the video production day. I am there every step of the way so you focus on delivering your best performance.

At the office of Chaomatic.
Interleuvenlaan 15/D, 3001 Leuven, Belgium.

Absolutely. For more information and to fill in the application form, go to my contact page.

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