A visionary’s quest

Andy’s vision knows no bounds. He’s committed to injecting diversity into the entrepreneurial landscape, fostering a culture of boldness, strategy, empowerment, and collaborative innovation. His ambition is to propel businesses and brands far beyond the expected.

Events that spark transformation
What separates Andy from the ordinary? His obsession with crafting events that ignite transformation. The Unstoppable events are not your typical gatherings; they’re engines of (r)evolution. They disrupt the ordinary and are a turbocharge for your brand and business, equipping you to confront tomorrow’s challenges head-on.

Unfiltered insights and daring ideas
Andy’s events aren’t about superficial glitz; they’re about unleashing authenticity. His mission: to bare it all – the wins, the losses, the unfiltered emotions. Andy wants to build a supportive community where entrepreneurs come to connect, learn, and grow.

And it’s not confined to events; it’s in every fiber of his being. Take, for instance, the Unstoppable song or his audacious ‘safety video’ – these are manifestations of his determination to obliterate the status quo. He doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk.



From leaving the house at the age of 17 and having no degree, to opening retail stores in Paris, to managing an international customer service team of 200 coffee specialists at Nespresso, to setting up an entire in-house clients relationship center for 15 iconic luxury brands of Richemont in Amsterdam, to leading international & cross-departmental teams installing client ambassadorship for Unilever in their London offices, to developing talent and driving organizational change as Head of L&D, Talent Management for one the biggest fashion groups in the world, Inditex,

to organizing my first public event for about 100 business owners in Leuven.

Andyway, you get the gist, 

I am undeniable proof that traditional rules were made to be broken. 

Everything you want, is on the other side of fear

This is me, Andy!
The real me talking to the real you.
I’ve been there too, I see you – life wasn’t easy on me either.
Heck, It taught me to take responsibility for myself at a very young age. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.

When I was 17, I took one of the hardest decisions in my life.
I stopped at school, and I left my home.

There was no plan. There was no support. There was only me.

It took guts. It took courage. It took belief.
And 1 powerful decision:I am worthy enough of creating and living the life I want’.

Taking powerful decisions without knowing where you’ll end up is scary. At the same time, it brings you off the sideline, into a game of life most people will never know.

So, my degree got swapped for a crystal-clear plan, unwavering belief, courage, perseverance, and action.

Everything I did, came with a grain of boldness. It still does.

Life brings its challenges and I have been surprised about how much strength we, human beings, have inside of us.