Hi, I’m Andy,
founder of ‘The Unstoppable Events’.


And when I dreamed up Unstoppable back in 2021, I wasn’t thinking of changing the world. The Unstoppable Event in my mind was my way to lead the way to new entrepreneurial heights.

And then it quickly became something so much greater.

Because when you gather the most extraordinary people, and you place them in a remarkable and you give them a space and a stage to uplift themselves and each other, well magic happens.

The Unstoppable event today has evolved into a twice-yearly event that brings together the most inspiring people, in the most beautiful locations Belgium has to offer.  Celebrated entrepreneurs, celebrities, leaders, and changemakers: each one a prime example of humanity’s limitless potential.

In this time, our curated tribe is immersed in peak experiences, profound mind shifts, thrilling adventures, and deep moments of connection to each other, to themselves, and to the legendary impact they’re destined to make on the human race.

And if you’d ever like to take your game to a whole new level, with the support of a tribe of the most incredible people you’ll ever meet: then join us.

My playground is the world and I challenge you to come and play with us, in the League of Unstoppables.

“Everything you want, is on the other side of fear.

This is me, Andy!
The real me talking to the real you.
I’ve been there too, I see you – life wasn’t easy on me either.
Heck, It taught me to take responsibility for myself at a very young age. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.

When I was 17, I took one of the hardest decisions in my life.
I stopped at school, and I left my home.

There was no plan. There was no support. There was only me.

It took guts. It took courage. It took belief.
And 1 powerful decision:I am worthy enough of creating and living the life I want’.

Taking powerful decisions without knowing where you’ll end up is scary. At the same time, it brings you off the sideline, into a game of life most people will never know.

So, my degree got swapped for a crystal-clear plan, unwavering belief, courage, perseverance, and action.

Everything I did, came with a grain of boldness. It still does. (Maybe you’ve missed seeing me dancing in my stories and high-fiving myself every day? Told you – I’m bold.)

Life brings its challenges and I have been surprised about how much strength we, human beings, have inside of us.



From leaving the house at the age of 17 and having no degree, to opening retail stores in Paris, to managing an international customer service team of 200 coffee specialists at Nespresso, to setting up an entire in-house clients relationship center for 15 iconic luxury brands of Richemont in Amsterdam, to leading international & cross-departmental teams installing client ambassadorship for Unilever in their London offices, to developing talent and driving organizational change as Head of L&D, Talent Management for one the biggest fashion groups in the world, Inditex,

to organizing my first public event for about 100 business owners in Leuven.

Andyway, you get the gist, 

I am undeniable proof that traditional rules were made to be broken. 
Primary school - 1989
Primary school - 1989
Who didn't love becoming 16? - 2000
Who didn't love becoming 16? - 2000
My last corporate job, doing what I envisioned to become - 2017
My last corporate job, doing what I envisioned to become - 2017

Know the rules. Then remake the rules.

My philosophy

It’s my mission to redefine the face of entrepreneurship. Doing everything on your own, being superman or superwoman is for the past. Say hello to being the real you, daring to be vulnerable, embracing your fears, and asking for and getting the support you need.

My work is devoted to sharing resources and tools to foster your self-worth and to go after what you really want. Because believing in your worth enough to persist in doing what is best for your business is the new black. It’s about the relationship you build with yourself. 

You will succeed. I am all about breaking the rules, challenging the status quo and constantly making new and powerful decisions to keep moving forward. I am with you every step of the way.

Laure Oomens
Your copy mentor | locowriting.com

And he was there, every step of the way, helping me or introducing me to the right people when I needed it.

“But you keep yourself so small! What do you really want? For yourself?” was one of the first things Andy said to me. My mind went blank as I felt the tears stinging. I knew very well what I wanted for my clients. But for myself …?

Andy’s razor-sharp questions put his finger on the sore spot(s). I had a nice well-run business, but I was cruising on autopilot, without knowing where to go and without GPS. In a small plane that no longer really felt like mine.

He pushed me (lovingly, but hard enough :D) to learn to listen to my heart first and only then to my head. To break out and do what I wanted to do: experiment. To make an impact. To fulfill my childhood dream and write my book. I’m too big to fit into one box, he made me realize. And he immediately spurred me into action: “Make a plan! Get up with it and go to sleep with it! Change your approach, but not your goal!”

And so it happened: January 9, my first Co-Create workshop was a reality. And he was there, every step of the way, helping me or introducing me to the right people when I needed it. Everyone needs an Andy, really.

This brings me to you.

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