Discover the ‘real’ Andy.
I stand for being audacious, vulnerable, and walking your ‘talk’. 

Believe that you have to value your whole self if you want to thrive in today’s world. That includes your unique set of gifts, your personality, and most importantly, your heart.

And also your fuck-ups, failures, and darkest moments. You know these moments where you’ve had enough and thinking about giving up. Fully embodying the raw and real is critical to building your authority, and outshining your competition to expedite your business growth. This philosophy and hard work have led to wonderful milestones.

BLOOVI: I am not holding back to make you feel comfortable.

What is your favorite motto?
“It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission from Harvey Specter from the Suits series. I stand for bold moves, daring to be yourself and doing the things you want to do. And yes, not everyone will agree.

“For example, I made a bold intro video for VisionAir with some – tastefully handled – obscenities in it here and there. Some found it hilarious and typical Andy, and a few found it intolerable. Well, I’m not holding back to make you feel comfortable. I’d rather take the action, and talk about it afterwards instead of obediently waiting for permission.”

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BUSINESS AM: Daring to ask for help.

As a business leader or entrepreneur, you must dare to articulate your vision, both within your industry and beyond. How do you envision the entrepreneurial world changing? What do you believe will be important in the coming years? How do you foresee this evolving within your industry? Sharing the authentic narrative of evolution becomes increasingly vital. In the entrepreneurial realm, there’s often an overemphasis on glamour.

Having the courage to ask for help is also essential, says Nijs: ‘You can say, “You are an expert in this. I would love to hear your thoughts or your opinion on this.” When you give people a platform, it strokes their ego, and they often want to assist you further. You can also simply ask for a contact or phone number from someone. People naturally enjoy helping.’”

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HET LAATSTE NIEUWS: Making powerful choices, embracing your fears and daring to dream big can already make a world of difference.

“I support aspiring entrepreneurs in their professional and personal lives. From sales & marketing to their personal growth”, Andy says. “We all want to perform well in every area of our lives, but that only works when you integrate high-performance habits that help you achieve long-term success, regardless of your age, past, strengths or personality.

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BLOOVI: Conquer your world with your game plan in your hands and that unwavering belief in your heart, mind and behavior. 

“Be your own cheerleader,” he laughs. “You have to fully believe in yourself every day, in what you do and what you want to achieve. Give yourself pats on the back and don’t let the opinions of your parents, partner or friends get you down. Without that unwavering belief in yourself, you won’t succeed.”

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