Meet the strategic genius
behind ANDY NIJS

Stephan Van Der Wildt
Angel Investor
Board of Advisors
Joachim Dero
Board of Advisors
Laure Oomens
Board of Advisors
Chief Communication Officer
Anne Van Caeneghem
Trusted Confidant

Our Devoted Event Partners


As the all-in-one solution for both online and in-person gatherings, Conversationstarter ensures a sophisticated and engaging experience, connecting participants effortlessly and fostering meaningful connections.


With Chaomatic, our dedicated event and production partner, we elevate our event to extraordinary levels. Specializing in both event coordination and production, they goes beyond expectations by seamlessly blending creativity and technical expertise.

Sigi Hermans

Sigi Hermans, our exceptional event photographer, possesses a rare talent for freezing the most mesmerizing memories, genuine smiles, and heartfelt emotions in each frame. She has a unique ability to capture the essence of every moment, transforming our events into timeless stories. Her expertise extends to crafting the most vibrant and expressive portraits.

Alex Harris

Moving beyond traditional photography, Alex Harris possesses a unique ability to grasp the essence of each moment, turning creative visions into visionary leadership and industry credibility. With his lens, Alex transforms fleeting experiences into enduring masterpieces that uniquely define my personal brand.

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