Believe that everything worth having in life happens outside your comfort zone.

What would happen if you could ignite your true self?

And more… Connect to your courage? And step into the extraordinary person you’re meant to be?

Let’s get one thing straight: you’re not stuck. You might just be committed to certain patterns of behavior as they helped you in the past. Today, those behaviors have become more harmful than helpful. Because you keep applying an old formula to a new level of life. Let’s discover a new formula to step outside your comfort zone. Into your new extraordinary life.

Ignite your true self, connect to your courage and transform your life into an extraordinary one. It starts in your mind.  Let’s awaken it and unleash the best in you.

Let’s create an environment where you can bring your best self.

Spark your inner wisdom and ignite your true self, your gifts, and your talents!

Gifting you a powerful experience that creates a shift in your identity. So that you can grow into who you are meant to be, get the life you are meant to have, and build the career that you dream of.

My work, this website, and my online community are devoted to sharing resources and tools to discover who you really are, create your extraordinary life, and foster your self-worth. Because being worthy is one of the most important keys that support human connection and inclusivity.

Pleased to meet you, I’m Andy

Passionate life strategist, philanthropist, and transformational coach. Committed to guiding you towards your best life. I facilitate this through online, individual, and corporate private coaching programs. My playground is the world and I offer my services in English, Dutch and French.

Identify what you want, design your master plan and commit to be in motion.

Embracing these three components


Discovering who you really are and propagating it


Creating clarity and committing to your personal development.
outside your comfort zone


Developing your mental capacities to move towards your extraordinary life.

Self-empowerment adventures

Living an empowered life.  That’s what I want to help you with. To be self-empowered means you have the ability inside yourself to know what is best for you. Therefore, your actions reflect the power of your own strength that you take from making your own decisions based on this surefire belief in yourself.

True empowerment comes when you convert your intentions into action. Let’s move you into action and discover which adventure is right for you.

self-empowerment online notebook


Self-empowerment online notebook to start your adventure and explore different peaks.

Self-empowerment hardcover notebook


Self-empowerment hard cover notebook & online personal power activator course to elevate your potential, one step at the time.

Self-empowerment hardcover notebook and 1-month coaching


Self-empowerment hard cover notebook & 1-month coaching to start with true commitment and deepen the experience. The start of your transformation.

Coaching journeys

Do you have the courage to ignite your true self, and step into the extraordinary life you’re meant to have? It starts in your mind and it can be challenging to turn away from false beliefs, breakthrough your fears, and uncover what is really holding you back to step into a new level of life.

Let’s discover a new formula to step outside your comfort zone. Into your new extraordinary life with one of my transformational coaching journeys.

Transform you

3 month coaching journey

Transform your life

6 month coaching journey

Your best you

12 month coaching journey


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