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Who is the League of Unstoppables?

Meet Juraj Straka

Meet one the members, Juraj Straka. Owner of two companies in the fashion and art design industry. Listen to his story.

Let’s turn your fears into excitement. 

Yep, I get it. You’re on a roll. You can feel, see and have what you want in your business and life. You are moving forward and making deliberate choices. You are thriving.

But fear keeps on knocking on your door and whispers: ‘You had me at hello’.
You keep on opening the door, listening. And before you even realize it’s sitting at your table talking for hours about why you shouldn’t.  And bam, it’s taking over and you lost control. Completely.

Being an entrepreneur requires having a feeling of ownership. Excelling in being, feeling and doing. I know – it doesn’t sound sexy. Becoming an unstoppable entrepreneur isn’t for the faint-hearted. It takes courage, dedication, failure and discipline. Don’t worry, we’ll turn your fear into focused action. Now that’s sexy.

Hi, I’m Andy

I’ve always dreamed big and wanted to make something of my life. It all starts and ends in your mind. It starts with knowing what you want, taking decisions, and then persevering with dedication, focus and bold action, aka the holy trinity.

I am a business mentor for the bold entrepreneurs and go-getters. My playground is the world and I offer my services in English and Dutch.

Sharing some wisdom while having fun. 

I was a guest at the Sales Acceleration Show from Michael Humblet. He has amazing expertise in sales. He owns Chaomatic, your content creation machine. His team produced all the videos you see on my website. Michael is also part of the Experts Lab.

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