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Andy’s official Bio

Be the face, be the change, be the future
Meet Andy Nijs, founder and CEO of the Unstoppable Manifesto, a visionary entrepreneur with a fiery passion for game-changing experiences. He’s on a relentless mission to hoist brands and businesses above mediocrity, and his journey screams audacity and excellence.

Unconventional beginnings
Andy’s story kicks off with a twist. At the tender age of 17, he dropped out of traditional education, chasing the siren call of independence and fleeing a toxic environment at home. No high school diploma? That’s just an irrelevant detail in Andy’s saga of proving that formal credentials can’t hold back a determined dreamer.

A bold plunge into entrepreneurship
In 2018, when he got the boot from Inditex as head of learning and development, Andy didn’t crumble. Rejection after rejection in job applications couldn’t dim his determination. Instead, he declared, “World, get ready because if companies aren’t ready for Andy, then the whole world better be.”

Events that spark transformation
What separates Andy from the ordinary? His obsession with crafting events that ignite transformation. The Unstoppable events are not your typical gatherings; they’re engines of (r)evolution. They disrupt the ordinary and are a turbocharge for your brand and business, equipping you to confront tomorrow’s challenges head-on.

Unfiltered insights and daring ideas
Andy’s events aren’t about superficial glitz; they’re about unleashing authenticity. His mission: to bare it all – the wins, the losses, the unfiltered emotions. Andy wants to build a supportive community where entrepreneurs come to connect, learn, and grow.

And it’s not confined to events; it’s in every fiber of his being. Take, for instance, the Unstoppable song or his audacious ‘safety video’ – these are manifestations of his determination to obliterate the status quo. He doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk.

A visionary’s quest
Andy’s vision knows no bounds. He’s committed to injecting diversity into the entrepreneurial landscape, fostering a culture of boldness, strategy, empowerment, and collaborative innovation. His ambition is to propel businesses and brands far beyond the expected.

Championing entrepreneurial triumph
Andy’s advice to entrepreneurs? Straight to the point as always: “Be the face, be the change, be the future.” It’s a call to action, an invitation to embrace audacity, and a reminder that success often lies just outside your comfort zone.

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