Andy’s Experts Lab.

Complete Business Immersion.

The Experts Lab.

For business owners who are looking for their jumpstart, their business redirection, or a complete reinvention.

Every company has its own story to tell about the development of systems and strategy. The options that are appropriate for your business venture may be completely different for another. You must make a bewildering number of decisions, and make decisions that are right for you. So you have 100% you in your business.

The time for powerful decisions is near.
And yet, there are still so many questions. Unanswered.

You do know you don’t need quick fixes.
You need experts that know what’s best for your business and for your industry.

You need your business experience framework.
Understand what kind of company you need to build and the risks it involves.
Your well-articulated Brand, Sales, and Marketing strategy.
Claiming your voice and owning the room, the stage.
And much more.

This mentorship focuses on taking immediate action and creating a direct impact. Get proven strategies, from the Pros, to expedite your business, rebrand yourself, monetize your content, and be Unstoppable. Work with Belgium’s best experts.

Let’s discover the categories.


Reconnect with the essence of you.

Your Business.

Business Models
Scale your business.

Master your sales strategies.

Digital Channels
Build your influencer brand.

Your Influence.

The power of boldness.

Master the art of public speaking.

Here’s what we have achieved together with business owners.

  • Building real influence and direct impact within their industry
  • Changing to a completely new business model
  • Installing different business models within their company
  • Launching their entire new website
  • Developing strategic business competences
  • Moving from running a business to being both a brand and business
  • Developing credibility, visibility, and authority
  • Creating their brand content machine strategy

Unstoppable, Juraj Straka.

What was the impact of working with other experts through Andy’s network?

We all excel in certain things, and there is an expert on every topic. Andy knows this, so instead of trying to master all possible topics himself, he has a great network of people around him that he puts in connection with at the right moments. I personally got the chance to take advantage of this network by having great one-on-one sessions with an expert in business and personal branding, I was introduced to a web designer who redesigned my whole digital presence, and I was introduced to organizers of network events in the fashion business through whom I found new clients.

This is my part in our collaboration.

Your Mindset shifter
We’ll develop who you need to become. We debunk and upgrade your mindset, perspectives and attitude towards yourself and your life. Becoming who you need to be to go and do what you have to do.

Your Maverick & Strategic Advisor
We’ll clarify your vision. Concretize your brand blueprint and build real influence within your industry. We’ll expand your circle of influence, your current network and ensure you set up your support system.

Your Trusted Business Partner and Confidant
We’ll meet every other week to discuss your business. I’ll be your trusted advisor to transform your challenges into opportunities. I’ll be part of your C-suite, like one of your executive directors.

Your Mentor
I’ll be your thought-provoker, action pusher, and cheerleader. I’ll be there every step of the way.  I’ll give you exactly what you need to succeed. From strategic advice, mindset strategies to a backpack filled with 20 years of hands-on experience. You name it.

Your Influencer
I’ll expand your visibility and brand awareness through my own network and digital channels. We’ll be out and about, networking together and introducing you to whoever you need to further expand your authority and generate business.

The Experts Lab.

For the next period of time, we focus on your personal & business endgame.
You get the most effective business & life transformation you’ll ever imagine.

Monthly financial investment € 3000 excl. VAT.
You pay your first month at the start of our collaboration, followed by your monthly invoice. You can terminate our collaboration per quarter.

The Experts.

Per quarter, you’ll work with 1 expert of your choosing.
From every expert, you’ll get

1-hour kick-off session
6-hour workshop
1-hour follow-up session

The Mentorship.

Us, together. One-on-one. Human and real.

An exclusive 2-hour kickstart accompanied by some lunch or dinner in a high-end restaurant

followed by 6 hybrid game plan rendezvous each of 1-hour

business visibility through my own digital channels & network, and my events

priority support for the duration of our mentorship (from Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 6 pm CET)

The League of Unstoppables.

You join my inner circle with  +30 encouraging business owners supporting you along the way and you’ll get

1 quarterly online group session with the League of Unstoppables

new business leads coming from my network and The League of Unstoppables

admission to the exclusive Unstoppable Client Experience event

And much more. 

Access to my online learning platform, with additional and personalized resources, such as personal development exercises, accountability & strategy frameworks, and business workflows

The book “Nobody knows you’ by Michael Humblet

Partnerships: 5% discount at Leadlife

I am ready to go all in.
Unstoppables, here I come.

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