Getting a glimpse into the Unstoppable Universe?

This is the private, yearly event for The League of Unstoppables. An exclusive gathering of my clients and my exclusive network to socialize and generate business. To leave with lots of educational actions and phenomenal gifts. Press play, I would say.

You are a thought leader, coach, or expert in your industry.

You are thriving.
You are looking to expand your network.
You are looking for ways to ask for support and you’re willing to give your expertise in return.

A closed community of equals, one that favors success for all involved.
A community that is based on specific values and perspectives.
Such as safety and integrity.

All with the same desire:

Building your network community

The Courageous Table 

The Courageous Table is inspired by the Round Table founded by King Arthur.
He had a round table made so that none of his barons, when seated at it, could claim precedence over the others.  And this is exactly what we want to accomplish with this 12-month network-building community program

We build a strong group of equals. We can ask for support and share our expertise because we allow everyone’s success. Always.

When you say yes to the Courageous table you say yes to building your tribe. Together. Human and real.

10 physical network evenings with dinner and drinks in Belgium. The first one is beginning of March.

Financial investment: € 1500 excl. VAT.

I am here, ready for it, Andy. 

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