Beyond your own thinking.
Be unstoppable.

My commitment.
I go beyond the standard in my industry. Through clear vision, real influence and unconventionalism, you leave the masses behind you. I take the extra mile to wow you.

Getting a glimpse into the Unstoppable Universe?

This is the private, yearly event for The League of Unstoppables. An exclusive gathering of my clients and my exclusive network to socialize and generate business. To leave with lots of educational actions and phenomenal gifts. Press play, I would say.

Is the business mentorship right for me?

Finding the right mentor can take your business to the next level.
But it takes a different level of venturesome to achieve true excellence.

You’ve worked with amazing coaches and/or experts tackling your personal and professional growth. And it has been an amazing journey.

Or you’re just ready for a whole new level of business venturesome.

You’ve achieved a great deal in your business. You’ve done your work.
You mostly have your shit together.
You know the ins and outs of running your company.
You’ve had your fair share of failures, fuck ups and wins!
You understand what needs to be done to go from A to B.

You’ve entered a superhighway. The time for powerful decisions is near.
And yet, there are still so many questions. Unanswered.

You do know you don’t need a business coach, quick fixes, and certainly not doing more of any operational shit.

This is how we’ll take the jump

It’s time to turn 180 degrees and look at who you are and how you do business from a completely different perspective. Radically different.

How do you ask? Let’s dive in.

Clear vision, real influence and focus supported with unconventional solutions combined with your true supporting network.

We’ll develop both your personal and business growth by shifting your identity, becoming a true strategist, dominating by differentiation, building your support system and trusted authority in your industry.

Your Mindset shifter
We’ll develop who you need to become. We debunk and upgrade your mindset, perspectives and attitude towards yourself and your life. Becoming who you need to be to go and do what you have to do.

Your Maverick & Strategic Advisor
We’ll clarify your vision. Concretize your brand blueprint and build real influence within your industry. We’ll expand your circle of influence, your current network and ensure you set up your support system.

Your Trusted Business Partner and Confidant
We’ll meet every other week to discuss your business. I’ll be your trusted advisor to transform your challenges into opportunities. I’ll be part of your C-suite, like one of your executive directors.

Your Mentor
I’ll be your thought-provoker, action pusher, and cheerleader. I’ll be there every step of the way.  I’ll give you exactly what you need to succeed. From strategic advice, mindset strategies to a backpack filled with 20 years of hands-on experience. You name it.

Your Influencer
I’ll expand your visibility and brand awareness through my own network and digital channels. We’ll be out and about, networking together and introducing you to whoever you need to further expand your authority and generate business.

Here’s what I have achieved together with business owners.

  • Launched a 2nd project next to their current business
  • Building real influence and direct impact within their industry
  • Changing to a completely new business model
  • Installing different business models within their company
  • Setting up their new coaching company
  • Setting up a membership platform for their business
  • Integration of Performance Management within their organization
  • Developing their staff’s leadership skills
  • Partnerships with leading Belgian Experts
  • Developing CEO & Leadership skills
  • Installed ambassadorship and loyalty schemes
  • The immense expansion of their network
  • Developing strategic business competences
  • Moving from running a business to being both a brand and business
  • Developing credibility, visibility, and authority

The Business Mentorship

For the next period of time, we focus on your personal & business endgame.
You get such an ultra-sized transformation.
Because you’ll go from great to iconic.

Monthly financial investment € 1650 excl. VAT.
You pay your first month at the start of our mentorship, followed by your monthly invoice.
You can terminate our mentorship per quarter.

The Mentorship.

Us, together. One-on-one. Human and real.

An exclusive 2-hour kickstart accompanied by some lunch or dinner in a high-end restaurant

followed by 6 hybrid game plan rendezvous each of 1-hour

business visibility through my own digital channels & network, and my events

priority support for the duration of our mentorship (from Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 6 pm CET)

The League of Unstoppables.

You join my inner circle with  +30 encouraging business owners supporting you along the way and you’ll get

1 quarterly online group session with the League of Unstoppables

new business leads coming from my network and The League of Unstoppables

access to call upon my international network and experts in different industries

admission to the exclusive Unstoppable Client Experience event

And much more. 

Access to my online learning platform, with additional and personalized resources, such as personal development exercises, accountability & strategy frameworks, and business workflows

The book “Nobody knows you’ by Michael Humblet

Self-awareness & development assessment & integrative 9 Enneagram report

Partnerships: Leadlife

I am ready to go all in.
Unstoppables, here I come.

You can complete the relevant form and we’ll start right away.

Or you register for the Bold Brains, and experiment through one of the dinners or lunches I organize. The choice is yours. 

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