No more playing small. Build your Unstoppable brand with 12 top-notch Belgian Legends.

By Business Maverick Andy Nijs.

Introducing for a limited time only.

The Personal Branding Program: The League of Unstoppables exclusive hivemind for CEOs, Founders, and Business Leaders.

Learn directly from Andy and his 11 powerful personal branding legends, and join the hivemind with other like-minded business owners.

Andy Nijs is the Business Maverick behind The Unstoppable Events. In this program he curated carefully for you, he and his 11 Belgian Legends show you how to build your own personal brand through systems that transcend conventional branding wisdom.

Find your voice, build your brand, be seen. And transform any brand into a game-changer

Be the face, be the change, be the future.

Future-proof your business, your audience, and yourself by skyrocketing your brand. The fastest way to grow is to learn directly from people who’ve already done what you’re seeking to do.

An exclusive hivemind program for CEOs, Founders and business leaders looking to build a personal brand that commands next-level growth, loyalty, and impact.

Great brands wield great influence. They spark global movements. They create inspiring role models. And they reward their customers with limitless opportunities to grow, give back, and make an impact.

But as a business owner, you’ll know how challenging it can be to unlock its full potential.

Maybe you’ve studied branding experts and tried to apply their knowledge.

You may have even asked your customers and leads to help you refine your offer and messaging.

But according to visionary experts in our Belgian Industry, the key to unleashing an Unstoppable Brand lies nowhere else but with the person closest to it:


What you’ll gain from Building an Unstoppable Brand with our Hivemind

Build your game-changing personal brand
No matter your current size, budget, or brand-building experience in the present: you’ll master all the tools and strategies you need to rapidly ascend your business, product, or movement into a world-class brand to be reckoned with.

Meet people who’ve faced the challenges you’ve gone through and learn how they overcame them. Learn directly from Belgian industry legends who’ve traversed the very path you’re on. Every session is packed with a wealth of highly practical strategies, tactics and insights that you can instantly apply to your own personal brand.

Develop a tribe of powerful, ambitious and visionary friends
Experience the transformative power of being a part of The League of Unstoppables. Your community of visionaries and like-minded individuals who share your hunger for success. Forge life-long connections that will open doors to a world of possibilities, collaborations and new friendships.

Become iconic.
No more playing small, it’s time to leave the masses. Learn to engineer and position your brand. You’ll build a memorable, and iconic presence that towers over your competitors and becomes widely known for the outcomes only you can deliver.

Expand your influence and impact
An Unstoppable Brand becomes capable of far more than just great sales: it can also be a force for good. You’ll discover how to leverage your brand to nurture empowering new identities in your customers and create your worldwide movement.

Greater personal mastery and self-awareness
As the owner of your Unstoppable Brand, you’ll also gain a deeper mastery of yourself, your own values and mission, and how you fit into your brand’s story. This is how your brand’s growth also becomes yours.

Andy Nijs 

Your Business Maverick and founder of ‘The Unstoppable Events’.

My playground is the world and I challenge you to come and play with us, in the League of Unstoppables.

Let me introduce your 11 Belgian top-notch industry Legends. 

The 11 Belgian Industry Legends

What do you get?

11x 1.5h online trainings with Belgian top-notch legends in the personal branding industry.

4 x 1.5h online accountability sessions with Andy.

Lifetime part of the League of Unstoppables. Your action-powered Community & Networking Group.

Bonus: Group Celebration Activity

Ready to build your Unstoppable brand?
Pick your experience and apply.

What’s included?

11x 1.5h online trainings with Belgian top-notch legends in the personal branding industry.

4 x 1.5h online accountability sessions with Andy.

Lifetime part of the League of Unstoppables. Your action-powered Community & Networking Group.

Bonus: Group Celebration Activity

What’s included?

The HiveMind +

1x Secured Admission to the Next Big Unstoppable Event in April 2024

1x Meet&Greet Network Drink Event

Bonus: Group Celebration Activity


Be the Face, be the Change, be the Future. We are excited to take you on a journey of becoming a true Visionair and building your Unstoppable Brand. 

Andy acquired a vast experience of +15 years in the corporate world.  From setting up an international call centre to leading international teams across Europe. Today, he runs a successful business. Andy is known for his amazing network of international legends. Andy differentiates himself by leading by example and building real influence within the Belgian educational, mentoring  & entrepreneurial industry.

We start in Week 45, commencing on Monday the 6th of November.

Our ideal participants fall into one of these categories: Business Starters, Off- and Online Business owners , CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers.

This HiveMind is available for a limited time only. This is super exclusive curated for you. Once we have enough participants, we’ll close the application process. The end of the application process is scheduled for Friday 27th of October.

The HiveMind is highly mindful of the value and scarcity of your time. You will be notified of your session timings well in advance: and if you need to miss any, you can catch up through recordings of each session.

Get in touch with our Event Manager.
We’re here for you. You can contact the event manager, Sarah Gomez directly at

Hivemind. Let’s go.

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