Let’s turn your fears into excitement.

Your internal voices are screaming for your attention, and you stop.

Fear keeps on knocking on your door and whispers: ‘You had me at hello’. You keep on opening the door, listening. And before you even realize it’s sitting at your table talking for hours about why you shouldn’t.  And bam, it’s taking over and you lost control. Completely.

Being an entrepreneur requires having a feeling of ownership. Excelling in being, feeling and doing. I know – it doesn’t sound sexy. Becoming an unstoppable entrepreneur isn’t for the faint-hearted. It takes courage, dedication, failure and discipline. Don’t worry, we’ll turn your deepest fears into focused action. Now that’s sexy.

Being challenged at a deeper level.

I’m making plans, this time is my time. No more playing small, I am big time Unstoppable. 

Yes, these are lyrics from my song, Unstoppable.
Whether that means taking your company global, setting your industry on fire with big ideas, venturing into the unknown to create something incredible, or living the life you want while building your professional legacy.

What you need is to be challenged at a deeper level.
Beyond the next marketing hype or business strategy.

Being challenged mentally, intellectually, and emotionally.
Being challenged by how you look at it first. From your perspective.

Expanding your identity first so that you become who you need to be to go and do what you have to do.

You’re looking for someone who stands beside you when you have influential, strategic decisions to make. Who knows exactly what you need at crucial moments.

Who provides all different kinds of support and who dares to go beyond what you say and goes immediately to its core.

What if I tell you that being Unstoppable is about expanding your internal identity, messy, courageous action, daring to be vulnerable and building your powerful action-powered support system?

Are you still with me? Great! Let’s close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. It starts with joining the League of Unstoppables.

The Unstoppables.

Our ideal members to join the League of Unstoppables fall into one of these categories: Ambitious StartersEstablished Off- and Online Businesses, &  Successful CEOs, Founders & Entrepreneurs and Freelancers.

Barbara van Cauwelaert, ambitious starter

Manya Koetse, successful online business

Susanne Paesie, established offline business

Caroline van Cauwelaert, CEO & cofounder

Are you ready for a whole new level of business venturesome?

Choose what’s best for you. From starting with networking lunches or dinners, joining my business event Unstoppable to enrolling in my business mentorship, or working with several amazing experts at the same time.

Who is the League of Unstoppables?

Still convinced that following the herd, will get your brand in the spotlight?

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