The female entrepreneur alchemist: It all starts and ends in your mind!

More than 1000 entrepreneurs embarked on their journey of self-reinvention, designed their masterplan & committed to own their thoughts, behavior and action!

Gifting you a powerful experience that creates a shift

in your beliefs

To the bold entrepreneur of the future ready to unleash your zone of genius: 

  • Do you feel like your fear for failure impacts the growth of your business and paralyzes you to create the life you deserve?
  • Do you feel you’re not growing or evolving into the badass entrepreneur you want to be?
  • Is there a particular business goal you can’t seem to achieve, despite your best efforts?


  • Developing your personal formula for turning your fears and doubts into courage and confidence
  • Going from your business dictating your life to building a life that will set the terms of your business
  • Having a companion with who you can be vulnerable and feel safe with at times you need it the most 

Identify what you want, design your master plan and commit to moving forward.

Embracing these three components


Discovering who you really are and propagating it


Creating clarity and committing to your personal development.
outside your comfort zone


Developing your mental capacities to move towards your extraordinary life.

They dared to turn their intentions into actions !

Manya Koetse

During one’s career there are many paths to choose and so many hurdles to overcome. That is why we sometimes struggle to find the route that leads us to the things we really want to do. Andy is the kind of mentor who helps you shine a light on the journey that is best for you and your business. He dares to dig deeper and helps you find the ‘blind spots’ so you can make better decisions. Through his creative insights, heartfelt dedication, contagious enthusiasm and years of experience, Andy has helped me find the confidence, clarity, and vision I needed to get back on the track that’s right for me and my professional goals.

Helene Bejjani

If you are looking to create an extraordinary life, on your own terms, Andy is your guy!

When I started my coaching journey with Andy, I didn’t know what to expect. I was looking for clarity, and from our first session, Andy gently pushed me out of my comfort zone, challenged me, helped me change my perspective and question my limiting beliefs. He created a safe space for me to express myself freely without judgment, and provided consistent support.

Andy has an amazing ability to be both a thought-provoker and a cheerleader at the same time. His positive energy and drive are contagious. He always looked for ideas to help me see things from a different angle. He also shared a lot of useful resources and tactics to inspire me to take action in building new habits and create lasting change.

Most importantly, Andy made me realize that it’s not about finding but rather creating the life that you want. He showed me that I already had the answers and helped me learn how to reveal them.

I am happy with the person I am becoming and I can’t thank Andy enough for it!



My experience with Andy was truly necessary for my development in my Photography work

I am a Destination Wedding Photographer who works around the world and at some point, I found myself I needed help to go further. I couldn’t do everything I needed for my own company.

Through friends, I have found Andy and since the beginning, we understood what was necessary to reach new goals and project my organization to understand it better and foresee what needs to be done to follow my wishes to be my best.

My journey with him was carefully managed and discovering myself in each session.  I have achieved to be more organized and give priority to what I needed to do first to be prepared for my next step.

Nowadays, I have decided to do my second step working with him for three more months to be able to go even further and be self-empowered. Not an easy journey but I expect to do it perfectly with Andy’s help.

According to what I have achieved, it is an investment working with Andy and super advice to whoever would like to get to know yourself better. Surely, Andy would make you know yourself better and feel more powerful for what your business needs and even better, what is needed for yourself.

Do not miss his approach as your coach!

Self-development journeys

Do you have the courage to ignite your true self, and step into the extraordinary life you’re meant to have? It starts in your mind and it can be challenging to turn away from false beliefs, breakthrough your fears, and uncover what is really holding you back to step into a new level of life.

Let’s get one thing straight: you’re not stuck. You might just be committed to certain patterns of behavior as they helped you in the past. Today, those behaviors have become more harmful than helpful. Because you keep applying an old formula to a new level of life.

Let’s discover a new formula to step outside your comfort zone. Into your new extraordinary life with one of my tailored transformational coaching journeys.

Close the gap where you are and where you want to be in the future 

It starts with you!
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